No person within the city limits, collect or dispose of solid waste unless licensed by the appropriate Sedgwick County agency or department, and the city, and in addition, the collector shall at all times remain in compliance with the Solid Waste Code for Unincorporated Sedgwick County, Kansas, Area, hereinafter referred to as “Code,” and published by the Environmental Health Division of the Wichita-Sedgwick County Department of Community Health, and with the terms of this article. In addition, the collector shall at all times comply with all other federal, state and local rules, regulations and laws established by governmental entities or agencies having jurisdiction in the premises.

(Ord. 157, Sec. 1)

The solid waste code is hereby adopted by reference in its entirety, except as amended herein. In the event any provisions contained within this article are in conflict with the solid waste code, the provisions herein shall control.

(Ord. 157, Sec. 2)

Permits hereunder are subject to revocation for any violation of this article. In the event the collector shall fail to comply with any of the provisions of this article, the City Clerk may, with the consent of the Governing Body, upon 14 days written notice to such collector, revoke and cancel any contract which the collector may have with the city. Any collector may appeal such revocation order within 10 days to the Governing Body.

(Ord. 157, Sec. 3)

The Solid Waste Code for Unincorporated Sedgwick County Area is hereby amended as follows:

(a)      Chapter I, Sec. 1, is amended as follows:

(1)          “Board” means the city council of the City of Goddard, Kansas.

(2)          The definitions of county counselor and county engineer shall mean the duly appointed City Attorney and city engineer.

(3)          “Enforcing Agency” shall mean the City of Goddard and all of its authorized representatives.

(4)          “Environmental Protection Director” means the Maintenance Superintendent for the City of Goddard.

(b)     All references to “Sedgwick County” or “unincorporated area” shall mean within the City of Goddard, Kansas.

(c)      Chapter 9 of the Code entitled “Solid Waste Collection Vehicle Standards, Maintenance, Licensing and Fees,” shall be amended to state as follows:

(1)          Standards. Licensing, and Fees: All solid waste collection vehicles collecting or transporting solid waste in Goddard, shall be maintained, and operated, in accordance with this code.

(2)          Each solid waste collector requesting licensure from the city shall submit a written application to the City Clerk. The application shall contain information concerning the applicant’s name, address, phone number, and make, model, year, and license tag number of each vehicle applicant proposes to operate. The City Clerk, upon payment of the appropriate fee, shall issue a license, the license to expire on the following December 31st.

(3)          Information To Be Submitted: Each solid waste collector licensed in the city shall provide the City Clerk the following information in relation to customers provided regular scheduled solid waste collection service:

(A)         Number of customers by type of service (that is, single family dwelling, other residential, or commercial, industrial, or other); and

(B)          The frequency of such collection.

              Such information shall be provided by January 1, 1977, and shall be updated each three months thereafter.

(d)     Chapter 11 of the code shall be amended as follows: “The City of Goddard Solid Waste Committee shall consist of the city council of the City of Goddard.” All other provisions of Chapter 11 shall apply.

(Ord. 157, Sec. 4)