It is unlawful for any person to fail to return any book, newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, manuscript, article, art print, phonograph record, film or any other property owned by the public library after notice in writing to return the same within 30 days has been given to such person. Such notice shall be given after the expiration of the time which, by the rules of the library board, the book or other library material may be kept.

(Ord. 311, Sec. 1)

It is unlawful for any person to give a fictitious name or address at the public library in order to obtain possession or use of any book or any other property of the public library, or to use a library card other than his or her own to secure without permission of the owner thereof possession of any book or other property of the public library, or to conceal his or her identity or place of employment or residence in any manner whatsoever in order to secure possession of any book, library card, or any other property of the public library.

(Ord. 311, Sec. 2)

(a)      For purposes of this article, whenever it appears that there has been a violation of sections 12-301:302, the librarian of the public library shall give notice of such alleged violation to the person or persons responsible therefor as herein provided. Such notice shall:

(1)          Be in writing;

(2)          Particularize the violations alleged to exist or have been committed;

(3)          Specify that the person to whom the notice is issued shall have 30 days within which to correct the violations particularized;

(4)          Be addressed to and served upon the holder of the library card at the address which is most recent as it appears from such person’s application for a library card.

(b)     Provided, that such notice shall be deemed properly served upon such holder or owner of a library card if a copy thereof is served upon him or her personally, or if a copy thereof is sent by certified mail to the address listed as most recent on his or her application for a library card.

(c)      In the event that the requested materials are not returned to the public library within the 30 day time period allowed in subsection (b), then the library board may establish and impose a fine for each day the materials were withheld beyond the required date established at the time of checkout.

(Ord. 311, Sec. 3)

(a)      In any prosecution charging a violation of sections 12-301:302, proof that a particular individual was the registered holder of a particular library card which was used to secure any book or any other library property shall constitute in evidence a prima facie presumption that the record owner or holder of such library card was the person who utilized the same to secure a particular book or any other property of the public library at the point where and at the time when such property was obtained.

(b)     The foregoing stated presumption shall apply only when the procedure as prescribed in section 12-303 has been followed.

(Ord. 311, Sec. 4)