(a)      There is hereby created and established a twenty member Activities Committee. The Committee shall be comprised of residents of the City of Goddard, Kansas and shall be appointed by the Governing Body of the City of Goddard, Kansas during the month of June.

(b)     The term of the twenty persons shall be two years except that the initial term of ten of the members appointed to the Committee pursuant to this Ordinance shall be for only one year. In the event that a vacancy shall occur during the term of any member, his or her successor shall be appointed for the unexpired portion of the term.

(c)      Members of the Committee shall serve without compensation.

(d)     The Committee shall act in an advisory capacity by making recommendations to the Governing Body regarding the need for expansion of existing or additional community activities to enhance the involvement of the various age groups within the City of Goddard.

(e)      The Committee shall actively seek potential outside sources of revenue for the support and expansion of existing or additional community activities.

(f)      Each July, the Committee may receive funds from the City of Goddard to utilize in the support and sponsorship of community activities. Each June, the Committee shall submit to the Governing Body a formal report outlining sponsored community activities during the past year and itemizing and documenting the expenditure of all funds received from the City of Goddard and all other sources.

(g)      The Committee shall act as the City of Goddard’s liaison in response to requests to participate in the planning and promotion of school and civic sponsored community activities, including Welcome Wagon.

(h)     The Committee shall schedule a regular meeting at least once each month and may meet more frequently as the need arises. The Committee is subject to the provisions of the Kansas Open Meetings Act (K.S.A. 75-4317 et seq.) and the Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A. 45-215 et seq.).

(i)      The Committee shall annually create and maintain a community activities calendar which may include city, committee, school and civic sponsored community activities such as the Egg Hunt, the Fourth of July Celebration, city-wide pool parties, the Thanksgiving Feast, the Tree Lighting and Breakfast with Santa.

(j)      The Committee shall choose its own officers, make its own procedural rules and provide the city clerk with copies of the minutes of its proceedings. A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

(k)     A member shall hold office on the Committee until:

(1)          the end of his or her appointment;

(2)          the member resigns from the Committee; or

(3)          the Activities Committee is terminated by the Governing Body.

(l)      When there is one or more vacancy on the Committee, each member of the governing body may submit a recommendation for appointment to the Committee. The governing body will orally vote by ballot for the selection of the person(s) to serve on the Committee. Each member of the governing body shall have one vote for each position to be filled. The person(s) that receive the highest number of votes are thereby appointed to the Committee. If the votes result in a tie, additional ballots shall be taken until one or more persons receive sufficient votes to be appointed.

(Ord. 650, Sec. 1; Ord. 653, Sec. 1; Code 2012)